A Getaway to Love - Valentine's Celebration in Mumbai

Valentine's Day in Mumbai opens a canvas of unconventional romantic experiences beyond the classic dinner dates and flower bouquets. In a city that pulses with life and love, finding unique ways to celebrate love becomes a cherished adventure. This year, Mumbai offers lovebirds the chance to immerse themselves in experiences that are not only romantic but also exhilarating and interactive. From the vibrant hues of exotic birds at Essel World Bird Park to the thrilling splashes at Water Kingdom, Mumbai sets the stage for a Valentine's Day filled with laughter, discovery and unforgettable memories. Join us as we explore two of the city's most enchanting destinations that promise a Valentine's Day unlike any other.

A Winged Date - Essel World Bird Park 


Ditch the norm for only romantic dinners and do something different this Valentine's Day. Escape the crowded bars and restaurants and visit Essel World Bird Park, Mumbai; India's first exotic interactive bird park. Walk amidst the vibrant symphony of various species through a rainforest habitat and allow romance to blossom as you observe the various characteristics of the birds.

The playful antics of the cockatiels, the majestic plumage of the macaws, and the sharp wit of the African Grey parrots are guaranteed to keep you engaged throughout your visit. Walk around and compare your partner's characteristics to those of the birds and earn a laugh or two from them.

Essel World Park is the best place for Valentine's Day in Mumbai, as it is a sanctuary of love and preservation. Pre-book your tickets for a day filled with learning and love.


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A Splashing Date - Water Kingdom


Try out a myriad of water rides this Valentine's Day at Water Kingdom in Mumbai. Perhaps the idea of going on rides in a water park as a part of Valentine's celebration in Mumbai never struck you. However, hold onto that thought, it is the perfect activity to indulge in. 

This Valentine's in Mumbai, you will be embracing thrills and laughter. The beautiful theme water park is not only unique but is also extremely safe. So do not worry before hopping onto one of the adult rides with your partner. Go splash into the water screaming your hearts out. For once you have come down from your adrenaline rush both you and your partner will unfurl into a laughing spree with wet and glowing faces. 

Check out the offers and book your tickets now so that you do not have to worry about forgetting anything last minute.

As the sun sets on Valentine's Day in Mumbai, the experiences shared at Essel World Bird Park and Water Kingdom leave a lasting imprint on the hearts of couples who dared to venture beyond the conventional. The laughter shared amidst the playful antics of exotic birds and the adrenaline rush of water rides have not only brought couples closer but also added a unique chapter to their love story. Mumbai, with its endless charm, once again proves to be a city of love, adventure and unforgettable memories. Whether you're walking hand in hand through a bird park or screaming in unison on a water slide, the essence of Valentine's Day is about celebrating love in its most joyful and pure form. So, as you look back on this day, remember that in Mumbai, love knows no bounds and the best Valentine's Day is one spent creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.