Global Pagoda Road, Essel world Amusement Park, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400091

Park Timings From 10th June, 2024
Will Be 10 AM to 6 PM

Asia's Largest Wave Pool

Amazing Rides for All Age Groups

India's Largest Aqua Play Pool

Water Kingdom - a family playing in a pool at our water park

Water Kingdom - Asia's Largest Water Theme Park

A Paragon of Splendour
Mumbai has several elements that represent its lively spirit. Be it Bollywood films or the serene beaches, Mumbai is a haven for those who like to live life to the fullest. However, the city is not alien to the metropolitan lifestyle with the daily hustle and bustle often making it monotonous for its residents. EsselWorld's exclusive theme park, Water Kingdom, has found its home in the bustling life of this city and offers a much sought after respite from the heat and hassle.

This 64 acres theme park, one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city is also one of the oldest in the country. Along with the title comes loads of fun for all our visitors!

Fun never ceases at Water Kingdom!

With a myriad of rides to try out, you will not be bored even for a second at our water park in Borivali. And, worry not about your age! When we say you will have fun here, we mean everyone, irrespective of age. At Water Kingdom, we have rides that are suitable for all age groups, because we understand that while the children are having fun, our older visitors too, want to capture their childhoods with child-like fun. So follow your young companions into the water and enjoy an exciting fun time with us.

Water Kingdom, one of the best water park in Mumbai, is a beautiful jungle theme-based water park, credit to the plethora of lush green trees in the surroundings. This makes our water park an ideal place to visit during any time of the year.


For the grown-ups - brace for some thrills


Let the tiny-tots have their fair share of fun


To make memories for adults and kids alike


All aboard the Water Kingdom train!

Water Kingdom - Bignite

Every year we host an extravagant Aqua Party on the special occasion of Holi. We offer our guests exclusive discounts with several additions!

Water Kingdom - Eid Promotion Creative

Diwali is celebrated all over the country in some form or the other. At Water Kingdom we celebrate Diwali by enabling attractive discounts to make your day special!

Water Kingdom - Holi Promotion Creative

The holiday of Makar Sankranti is celebrated through kite flying competitions. At Water Kingdom, we have a plethora of games our guests can play  on this day!

A glimpse into the madness!

Here a splash, there a splash!
Everywhere a splash, splash!

Words can only paint a certain picture. If you really want to see how Water Kingdom delivers the fun we promise, have a look at these videos which have received thousands of views on YouTube!

Check out more vlogs from our Water Kingdom enthusiasts!

Water Kingdom - a group of people at WETLANTIC during daytime

Define Fun at One of the Best Water Park in Mumbai

Happy Splashes,  Unforgettable Memories!

Take away a bag of memories from Water Kingdom and cherish them for years to come! The best water park near Mumbai - Water Kingdom, is a one-stop destination for a fun day spent with your loved ones. Credit to its amazing facilities, Water Kingdom is the best location for events and activities. What's more! You can avail tickets to this paradise right from this website. Just click on the button below to review the prices make your bookings.


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