Kid Rides

Turbo Thriller

Found in the Lagoon, Turbo Thriller is a lively section where children can have as much fun as they want. The Lagoon features several elements like Turbo Thriller. This particular element comprises units like sprinklers, sprayers and other different water outlets which are sure to drench you in loads of fun and excitement.

Water Kingdom - view of the ladoon at our water park
Water Kingdom - view of the ladoon at our water park

Turbo Wurbo

Also a part of The Lagoon, Turbo Wurbo is just another synonym for a water party! Turbo Wurbo has some unique characteristics such as water sprinklers, rotating water wheels, water umbrellas and spinning water trays. All these elements come together to provide you with one of the best experiences you will have at a theme park in India.

The Lagoon

India’s Largest Aqua play pool – the Lagoon is now open at the Water Kingdom. Spread across 30,000 sq.ft, The lagoon is a perfect family play port suitable for guests of all age groups. Its 10 different (3 kiddie slides, 4 family slides, 3 adult/thrill slides) elements will definitely get you drenched with fun. And more with its 500 liters Elephant bucket that splashes water while tumbling down.

Water Kingdom - view of the WATERFALLS UMBRELLAS ELEPHANT TILTING BUCKET at our water park
Water Kingdom - view of the GOOFERS LAGOON at our water park


This ride is primarily a slide but with different lanes, as the name suggests. Each of these lanes have a water flow speed and certain twists unique to them. Prepare to slip into a world of fun with the Multi-Lane slide. As you swerve around different twists and turns and feel the wind rushing by you will yell out with joy!

Frog Slide

When it comes to kids, water rides in Mumbai are in plenty and the Frog Slides are just another fun area for your kids to have the time of their lives. These slides have been designed with the safety of children in mind while keeping the integral function of them alive, i.e., thrill! Children slide down slippery slopes drenched in easy-flowing water and land in shallow pools of water. Mini Slides, water toys and playful characters all add up to a wet world of wonder for the little ones.

Water Kingdom - view of the WETLANTIC WAVE POOL at our water park
Water Kingdom - view of the RUSHING GUSHIN HUMUNGA KOWABUNGA at our water park

Zoomroo Slides

Zoomroo Slides are built around the aesthetics of The Pirate Bay. Children, get ready to manifest your inner pirate! These slides have gentle slopes with gently flowing water and shallow pools at the end. These slides are secure and safe for the kids to have tension-free fun!

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