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This place is rated as the maximum entertaining of ‘em all on the thrill meter, claiming it to be exceptional and one of its kind. The largest wave pool in the world is spread across 100 meters with cool blue water and Busch gardens. Attractions geared like fountains and scenic natural beauty with gently rolling waves in the shallows and constant lifeguard supervision, guests of all ages can hit the surf in safety. The location includes Jungle Beach, Love Boat, Bay Watch Tower and Cascade Caves.



Remember the wind whooshing past your face as you slid down the slides at your playground? Water Kingdom offers you to relive that excitement through Gang-A-Fall. This broad slippery water slide is the perfect fit for families who want to have fun. With a huge current flow directing the water on the slide, you better hold on tight! Come along with your friends and family because this is a ride that can be enjoyed by all irrespective of age.

Water Fall

Currently a part of the Lagoon, Water Fall is another fun zone for families to enjoy. True to its name, here water comes cascading down a height and creates a giant pool of water underneath, somewhat replicating the aesthetic of Niagara Falls. Have a blast, splash around and get drenched in fun with Water Fall at Water Kingdom.



Umbrellas are also a part of the Lagoon. These unique elements are a fun addition to the already pretty fun waters at the Lagoon. The umbrellas have nozzles fitted at each “spike” and water oozes out of these nozzles at an easy pace. Children enjoy these sprays which often resemble the flow of rain. Indulge in a fun-filled raindance under these umbrellas and have the time of your life!

Elephant Tilting Buckets

What’s more fun than water falls and rains? A massive bucket splashing water on you! The elephant tilting buckets within the Lagoon does exactly that. These buckets can hold up to 500 liters of water at a time and this water is tumbled down on the slides located right beneath the buckets. Experience a refreshing and fun splash as you slide down the slippery slopes.


Spinning Tray

The Spinning Tray element within the Lagoon is another zone where you can indulge in thrill and fun while also being safe. This ride as the name suggests is a tray that spins and sprays water. It is another way to further add to your fun quotient at Water Kingdom! This spinning tray is just one of the various elements created to bring back those cherished memories of childhood for the grown-ups and to contribute in making new memories for the children.

Rotating Wheel

A part of Goofer’s Lagoon, Rotating Wheel is a fun element which is also safe and secure so that guests of all games can enjoy it to their fullest! This innovative and unique element adds to your fun. As the wheel rotates, water is sprayed around drenching everyone in the vicinity with loads of excitement.


Coco Beach

Yearning to go to a beach and chill out? Worry not, Water Kingdom has got your back! Coco Beach within the premises of Water Kingdom is a white sand beach surrounded by a lush green forest. The aesthetic of the places gives a feel of being inside an oasis like in “Lost in the Jungle.” However, you will not be as lost here because this is basically an entertainment hub decked with elements like a large cozy bath fitted with jacuzzi-like jets and rain showers and sprinklers oozing water on you from above.

Mama Miya

Similar to Coco Beach’s bath, Mama Miya is a small, cozy water pool filled with pleasantly warm water. This pool is meant for families where they can splash around with their loved ones and have a relaxing yet fun time. Moreover, the pool is also fitted with jacuzzi-like jets at the bottom which also provide the feel of being within a large jacuzzi. There are other fun elements to this including rain showers from the top and sprinklers on the side.


Lazy River

After enjoying all the rides and slides at Water Kingdom, if you just want to chill and laze around then just head to Lazy River. Grab your tube, plunge into the river and just laze around in the slow streaming river. Spend some Lazy Lamhe out here! ;)


Wouldn’t it be 100x more fun if you could have a mini-party while enjoying the thrill of rides at Water Kingdom? Well, we have provision for that too. Head over to AquaDrome or ‘a heaven for youths’ ! This aqua disco is a place filled with the energy and enthusiasm of youth where along with water works you can sway to the beat of the latest popular tracks played by our very own DJ. Rest assured, this party won’t stop as long the water drips down from above. .



The term octagonal refers to anything related to the number 8. At Water Kingdom, this term is the name of a unique ride designed to give you the best thrill of your life. Octagonal is a water ride with eight different dimensions of fun! The characteristic feature of this ride is the 8 different slides of varying thrill and excitement. The water currents and the twists and turns are different on each slide so you can have fun, 8 ways!

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