Adult Rides

Rushin Gushin

Ever wondered what it would feel like to jump alongside a waterfall? A free fall from a jaw-dropping height! Water Kingdom has just the ride in store for you. Rushin Gushin is our tallest free fall ride for the enthusiastic adrenaline chasers. Standing at a height of 70 ft. and featuring a surprise drop of 90 degrees, Rushin Gushin will surely knock you with thrill and an exciting adrenaline rush. So hold on tight before the thrill comes rushin and gushin into your veins!

Water Kingdom - view of the RUSHING GUSHIN HUMUNGA KOWABUNGA at our water park
Water Kingdom - view of the RUSHING GUSHIN HUMUNGA KOWABUNGA at our water park

Humunga Kowabunga

Prepare to defy all the rules of gravity with this one-of-a-kind thrill ride. The defining features of this ride include chilling drops and breath-taking curves which are definitely not for the faint-hearted. Try out your bravery with this ride in the heart of Water Kingdom meant just for adults. The exhilarating drop will definitely make you yell out with joy and etch an unforgettable memory!

Rafia Fafia

Rafia Fafia has a very unique design in which you can experience, in a safe and controlled environment, the feel of an actual cyclone. The huge slide accompanied by the spinning motion and speedy gushes of water before you are dropped down through a splash hole into a pool below, provides an amazing experience. Hold on tight because this cyclone will take your breath away, but in a good way!

Water Kingdom - view of the BOOBLE RAFIA BLACKDEMON at our water park
Water Kingdom - view of the BOOBLE RAFIA BLACKDEMON at our water park

Black Demon

The demons you had once read about in fairytales and folklore come alive with Black Demon ride at Water Kingdom! Relive those spine-tingling feels and emotions as you slide down the long curvy tubes elevated at a height of 47 feet. These tubes will take you and your partner down a winding ride full of thrills and chills before you land with a splash into a pool of water at the end of the tubes.

The Lagoon

The Lagoon, which is Asia’s largest aqua play pool, has a few rides meant only for adults. These include HydroBurst, Aquaconda and Typhoontube. All these rides have certain elements that will drench you in tonnes of fun! These rides have been designed with the safety of our guests in mind so that you can indulge in fun without any worries!

Water Kingdom - view of the ladoon at our water park
Water Kingdom - view of the ELEPHANT SAFARI at our water park

Adventures Amazonia

Rides like Elephant Safari, Rock ‘n’ Roll Safari and Serpent Safari, where the riders can slide down to a short tunnel and are thrown our into a large water pool.


For those who live to test their limits at our adult water rides in Mumbai - What-A-Coaster (adult slide) offers one of the tallest vertical drops in the country. Riders endure a heart-pumping seven-story drop that reaches speeds up to 40 miles per hour. The unique slide is centered on sleds in which the riders go down with a jolt and scream like a sky screamer.

Water Kingdom - starting point of the WHAT A COASTER water slide at our water park

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