Important FAQs

1. When will park re-open?
We are all set to entertain you again! The entertainment will be more thrilling under all precautionary measures as per government guidelines. We are eagerly waiting for government directives to start our operation which we will communicate on our web-sites
2. What would be park operational timing after re-opening?
Park timings are from 9 am  to 6 pm.
3. Is advance booking / online booking compulsory?
No. We encourage our guest to booking online for cashless, paperless and NO queue entry to respective park(s).
4. Is submission of self-declaration mandatory while booking online?
Yes. Submission of self-declaration is mandatory while purchasing online ticket. Guest purchasing offline ticket(s) at park ticket counter will have to submit physical self-declaration form.
5. Is wearing face mask compulsory during visit to park?
Yes. Wearing a face mask is compulsory and mandatory from government of India. This is for the safety and hygiene of our guest and employees
6. Is face mask available in the park?
Yes. You can purchase the mask at nominal cost at the park entry point as well within the park premises.
7. Will it be compulsory to maintain social distancing in the park?
Yes. Your safety is our top priority! Maintaining social distancing will help to curb community spreading of Covid-19
8. Do we have access to sanitizer inside the park?
Yes. We have placed sanitizer dispensers at every 100-500 meters across the park located at strategic points as well at the exit of every ride.
9. Is temperature check is compulsory before entering the park?
Yes. Your safety is our top priority!
10. If a guest is showing high temperature while screening, will he/she be allowed to entry the park?
No. As a government directives guest along with his/her accompanies will be isolated and requested to re-visit the park once he/she recovers from such symptoms. This hard step will be taken considering the safety and hygiene of our other guests and employees. On case-to-case bases, organization will extend the validity of the ticket.
11. How park entry will be managed to avoid crowd?
Park will be operational with limited capacity. All guest to maintain social distancing at each touch points. At park entry and at all queuing area, 6ft distance to be maintained between each guest in order to maintain social distancing.
12. Will all the rides & attractions be functional at the park?
Yes. All rides and slides will be operational for guest. There may be some rides/slides which may not be operational or managements have to stop without prior intimation in order to maintain guest safety & hygiene.
13. How rides and attractions are safe to enjoy?
Yes. We are following all the precautionary measures as per government directives. Request you to visit our SOPs w.r.t. park safety & hygiene measures.
14. Will it be safe for Child to visit the park after re-opening?
Yes, all the precautionary measure is being taken care as per government guidelines which holds true for adult and child. It is advisable that, Toddler & children to be accompanied by their parent or guardian. Toddler’s & children’s responsibility and following rules and regulations by them is entirely parent or guardian accountability
15. What are the payment options?
Guest can pay by debit card, credit card, net-banking, UPI and with all leading payment wallets.
16. Any medical facilities available at the park?
Yes. We have well equipped medical centre with fully equipped ambulance at the park.

Pricing & Timings

1. What is the ticket pricing for Water Kingdom?
Admission CriteriaAdult (height above 4'6")Child (height between 2'5" & 4'6")
Water Kingdom Regular Per ticket price14501000
Combine Ticket16501650
Annual Passport Next19991999
Zaykedar Offer13001000
GenZ Offer1300NA
Triple Access Pass21002100

*Locker Price - Rs.200
*For children below height 2'5", the ticket is free.
*All prices are in INR.
Park Timings 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

The Park timing can be extended at the discretion of the management.

Route to reach

1. What is the route to reach parks?
Borivali Station – From Borivali Station west take Bus no.294 to Gorai Creek and from Gorai creek our ferries are available that will drop you to the park (Ferry charges INR 100/- per person return ticket. Rates subject to change without prior notice).

Bhayandar – MBMT Bus no. 4

By Road from Mumbai: Take Western Express Highway (WEH), turn left to Kashimira and drive down to Mira-Bhayander road. Our signages will guide you to reach the park. It will take around 30-45 minutes from Kashimira.

By Road from Gujarat: Take National Highway 8 till fountain junction then, turn right to Kashimira and drive down to Mira-Bhayander road. Our signages will guide you to reach the park. It will take around 30-45 minutes from Kashimira.

Costumes related FAQs

1. There is no dress code (costume) in other parks? Why is it here?
Sir/Madam, as per our knowledge all the well-known parks of the world do have dress code. This dress code is only compulsory for people entering water to enjoy rides, keeping all factors of personal safety in mind we insist people to wear nylon/lycra swim wear only. People moving around and not entering water need not change. Some people say they will not enter slides or any of the rides and therefore they should be allowed with cotton wear. Guest generally say like this but our experience say that once they enter the park they are tempted to enter each and every ride and then they don’t get entry on various slides. At this juncture they keep on arguing with the life guards who are responsible for the safety of the guests but can’t ensure it if the guest is not in proper costumes. The park is so big that the guest doesn’t feel like walking down to changing room, open locker again pay the costume and go back to the ride again this also spoils their happy and joyous mood.
2. Why cotton T-shirt or shorts are not allowed inside the park?
People who do not wish to enter water dress code is not necessary. But for people who wish to enter water a nylon/lycra swimming costume are compulsory, because if cotton costume are worn it soaks water and becomes heavier and gets clogged, there by obstructing the movement of the person in the slides or other rides. It also reduces your speed in the slides because of the added friction and the guest coming from behind may hurt you in your back. Cotton material even damages our slide and rides thus cotton material in not advisable.
3. Can I wear Nylon salwar kameez?
No madam! We have a strict policy of swimming costumes being compulsory in water rides due to safety reasons, and salwar kameez in not a swimming costume. We object on its loose fitting which affects your sliding speed and safety; it also damages the smooth surface of our slide. These are a few reasons for not allowing loose fitting outfits of nylon/lycra.
4. I am allergic to synthetic material and so I will not wear costumes?
Sir, We will advice you to wear Nylon/Lycra swim costume for your safety while enjoying various rides. The material of the costume affects your sliding speed and pattern and thus your safety. You can put on nylon costume over your normal T-shirt & Tights, We have a strict policy of swimming costumes being compulsory in water rides due to safety reasons, and our press advertisements speak about nylon/lycra swimwear. We have even placed signages outside all ticketing counters at Water Kingdom regarding the same.
5. Entry ticket should include everything?
Locker are not compulsory, so how can we charge for it in advance also costume being compulsory, some of our guests bring their own costumes. How can we charge them? The costumes are of different type and therefore different rates, unless the guest chooses his liking how will we charge for that.
6. All over the world synthetic is allowed? Why not here?
Synthetic (Nylon /Lycra material) is allowed here also. Terrycot is not allowed as it has Terylene cotton. This material is not safe while enjoying the rides.
7. Do I carry towel upstairs?
Yes, you can, but you can’t enter water anywhere with towels.

Lockers & baggage FAQs

1. Locker system is to make money!
Sir/Madam, We don’t think so, because it is provided for safety of your belongings. We provide stainless steel lockers with easy to operate locking system and easy to carry key and are safe with state of art-technology. We have options to suit individual needs.
2. Can you explain your locker facility?
We have Single time use & Multi Operation Lockers.

wish with the key provided to you. These are internationally acclaimed locker system, which are safe. We have total 2663 lockers out of those 805 numbers of lockers in Ladies changing room & 1858 number of lockers in Gents changing room.
3. Should we carry shoes or shall we keep them in lockers?
It is always advisable to keep shoes at the shoe rack. We charge a very nominal. We have shoe rack at both gents as well as ladies changing rooms.
4. How many lockers do you have for the handicap at Water Kingdom?
We have 7 handicap lockers in the gents changing rooms and 2 in the ladies changing rooms. These lockers are placed in the middle row for easy access.
5. Where should we keep the locker keys?
Sir/Madam, after you have closed the locker the key remains with you, these keys have specially designed wrist bands attached to the key which you can easily put in your hand and move around. We do not have duplicate key the only one which we have is handed over to you.
6. Do you have facility for bigger baggage that could not be fitted in to your lockers?
We have a special baggage counter situated at gents changing room and we open the same at ladies changing room as well during peak season. We charge ? 35 per bag.
7. How many Wheel chairs do you have at Water Kingdom? How much rent do you charge?
We have 6 wheel chairs in gents changing room and 3 in ladies changing room, we do not charge any rent for it but we take a refundable deposit of ? 100, this is to ensure that the wheel chair is brought back to its place in proper condition.

Operations FAQs

1. Do you have separate ticket for watcher and people who would enjoy rides? If not then why?
It is because too many watchers then come into the park and indiscriminately use facilities like water, toilets, etc.

Park becomes too crowded.

And thus people who want to enjoy rides specially miss out.
2. Do you have any lost & Found Inquiry system?
Yes, At Water Kingdom Reception.
3. Can you give a few tips to enjoy Water Kingdom?

Following are few useful tips to enjoy Water Kingdom:
  • To enter the water, Nylon / Lycra costumes are compulsory
  • Gents: Nylon / Lycra shorts or cycling tights
  • Ladies: Nylon / Lycra swimwear (Full / Half tights and T-shirts, T-shirts without collar, button or any metal objects)
  • Remove jewelry and watches before entering rides
  • Costume available on hire/ purchase
  • Keep your belongings in special lockers
  • Use waterproof pouches to put your money in. You may need to buy eatables later
  • Protect your skin from sunburn with suntan lotion / sunscreen.
  • In case of cuts or bruises visit our first aid points
  • To avoid over-exertion drink plenty of fluids and rest periodically
  • Re-entry on same ticket in the park is not permitted
  • Out side food / Alcoholic drinks strictly prohibited except infant food e.g. cereals & milk
  • Always children should be supervised by their parents all the time
4. Is knowledge of swimming required to enjoy Water Kingdom?
No knowledge of swimming is required to enjoy Water Kingdom as all are fun pools.
5. How do we go after changing and where will we meet as you have different changing rooms for gents and ladies?
All guests must take a shower before entering the ride area, this is essential. After that you will meet at a common point outside both the changing rooms known as meeting point.
6. What are the facilities, which are available at Water Kingdom?
The following are the facilities, which are available at Water Kingdom,
  • Swimwear available at our Merchandise outlet (FAB 5) for hire / purchase
  • Multiple use lockers
  • World class hygiene standards
  • Hi-Tec filtration plant
  • Separate cloak and shower rooms for ladies and gents
  • All toilets, showers are sensor based as water is a precious commodity
  • Ample wash basins (sensor based) and both western and Indian style toilets as per your comfort
7. Are there any special instructions regarding personal hygiene & safety?
No footwear is allowed in the rides. Spitting, spouting and discharge of body wastes in the water rides is strictly prohibited.
8. Why are metal objects and ornaments not allowed in the rides?
Metal objects such as jewellery, spectacles, watches are not allowed because of safety reasons, as wearing of ornaments would create sharp scratches on the smooth surface of the slides making it unsafe for use.
9. You have PCO & STD Facilities?
We do not have P.C.O inside the park. (For emergency we can provide call from EPBX system from entry office area.
10. How many ticketing counters are there at Water Kingdom?
We have 6 Ticketing counters at Water Kingdom.
11. Why don’t you provide hot showers during winter and rainy season?
Taking hot showers in the rainy seasons or winters before entering cold water are harmful to human body. We hope you will agree to this. As such it will give you cold, cough and other related problems. Also it is harmful to take hot showers immediately after spending leisurely time in the cold waters. It is medically safe to take hot showers after the body temperature comes back to the normal.

Offers FAQs

1. Is there any discount scheme for group bookings and school children etc?
We run various schemes at our park to suit every pocket and it is also displayed outside all ticketing counters, so that our guests can decide before purchasing the tickets. We also have our uniformed colleagues moving around at the ticketing area who would be more than happy to guide our guests.

Water related questions

1. Is water, which is used at Water Kingdom hygienic?
Yes, the water, which is used at Water Kingdom, is hygienic because the water is purified after every 90 mins. We have 23 Sand Filters (18 big & 5 Small) working round the clock to keep the water filtered and hygienic.
2. Why don't you keep sweet water?
This park is planned like what it is now using saline water (Which is taken from bore-wells, purified and disinfected on continuous basis) we propose benefits of Aqua-therapy (Good uses of salts available in the saline water for our skin, relaxation and other medical benefits). This aqua-therapy is extensively used in the west.

Food & Beverage

1. What food outlets do you have at Water Kingdom?
We have the following food kiosks and restaurant at Water Kingdom.
  • Food Wharf for Burgers, Rolls, Wraps, Biriyanis (Veg).
  • Taipan for Chinese.
  • Hunger Thrill for Gujarati Thali, chaat, & fast food items.
  • Lots of food kiosks to suit various taste buds.
2. You have any Beer bar in Water Kingdom?
Yes in Water Kingdom Taipan Chinese restaurant.
3. Any nearest staying facilities?
Yes, there are many Hotels available at Gorai / Manori & Uttan.

Ferry Questionnaire

1. How many ferries do you have?
09 ferries.
2. Can we use the same EsselWorld ferry to go to Water Kingdom?
3. What is the rate for ferry ticket and is it a return ticket?
The charges are Rs. 100/- per person and yes it is a return ticket.
4. Is ferry ticket for kid price separately?
Ferry ticket is same for child and adult and it’s as per the Mumbai Marintime board guidelines.
5. How much time it takes to reach Water Kingdom from Borivali side jetty?
It takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach park depending on the sea tidal conditions.
6. What is the frequency of ferries?
Every 20 mins from / for Gorai & 30 mins.
7. When is your last ferry?
We have ferries operational till last guest’s leave the park.
8. Are these ferries SAFE? What is the capacity of this ferry?
Yes! We do all prescribed periodic maintenance and upkeep our ferries. Also experienced & qualified crew is operating these ferries.

Capacity- answer depends on ferry to ferry.
9. Why don’t you include ferry charges with ticket charges and give it at ferry counter itself?
There are different authorities to govern, example for entrance ticket, entertainment authorities are involved whereas for ferry, maritime authorities are involved.

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