Want some relaxing time while your kids have fun splashing around the waters at Water Kingdom? Worry not, we are here to cater to all your needs and wishes. We offer exclusive paid services for you to indulge in, away from the water rides. We hire professionals for these services and guarantee that they are the best at what they do. Indulge in a pleasing foot care session at either our fish pedicure section or leg pedicure section.  
(Please note: these services bear extra charges apart from the tickets)

a school of red fish underwater



The origins of fish pedicure can be traced back to the Middle Eastern countries, especially Turkey, where this technique is highly popular. It involved dipping your feet into a basin with fish. The procedure makes use of the Garra Rufa fish that clean dead cells of your feet. These fish eat off the dead skin on your feet, thereby exfoliating them and giving them a new and refreshed look and feel in a painless manner. At Water Kingdom, you can now enjoy the service of these tiny nibblers. Get your tickets at the counter and have a soothing time with our tiny friends.  

a pair of feet with painted toenails



Our feet have to bear the burden of all the tasks we do. We often forget to take care of our feet amidst our busy schedules. Leg pedicures are often commended to be the best method of taking care of your feet. The benefits of this technique include reduced callouses, smooth skin on the feet, and exfoliation of dry skin and rough patches. Water Kingdom is here to offer you a feet care regime like no other. Avail our leg pedicure sessions right here and get your feet cleansed and massaged by experts. Sit back, relax and enjoy as our experts work on relieving you of your stress. 

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