Treat yourself to an unforgettable adventure at Water Kingdom

We strongly believe in standing out among the plethora of theme parks. To that end, Water Kingdom has some of the most unique rides in the entire country. Our water rides in Mumbai are subjected to regular safety checks because your safety is our top priority. Our selection of rides is designed for guests of all age groups with a delightful carousel of options for kids too. Besides the quintessential What-a-Coaster, we have thrilling options like Adventure Amazonia, Goofer's Lagoon and The Lagoon.
Head over to our family water park in Mumbai for some dizzying surprises!  

Water Kingdom - a family of 4 in a pool at Amazonia

Family Rides

Water Kingdom has broadly three categories of rides. Family rides, as the term suggests, are meant to be enjoyed by guests of all age groups, from children to senior citizens! This portion of the theme park comprises certain controlled rides so that you can indulge in fun and thrill with your younger companions without compromising on safety. 

Water Kingdom - 3 people on the WHAT A COASTER water slide during daytime

Adult Rides

Water Kingdom's adult rides are meant for those that wish to live life on the edge. These rides mostly allure thrill-chasers, those who love feeling adrenalise gushing through their veins. With spine-chilling drops, twists and turns these adult rides are definitely not for the faint-hearted. So come along, hold on tight and go on one of these exciting rides!

Water Kingdom -  view of THE LAGOON at our water park

Kid Rides

Why should adults have all the fun! At water Kingdom, we do not leave anyone behind when t comes to having the time of your lives. For our younger guests, we have an entire section of rides that are as thrilling as the other rides! There are slides with slippery slopes, tumbling buckets of water ready to splash loads of fun on you and sprayers and sprinklers too!

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