Mumbai, the City of Dreams, is known for its vibrant culture. Its mouth-watering cuisine, rich history and tranquil beaches make the city a popular destination for family outings. The city is beautifully populated with landmarks that deal from amusement parks to caves, offering a wide range of picnic spots for families to spend time at.

Water Kingdom

If you are looking for a day filled with fun and excitement, Water Kingdom is the place to be! It is India’s largest amusement park that offers a multitude of thrilling rides for kids and adults. Since its inception in 1998, this family picnic spot in Mumbai has been spreading joy to people from all age groups. Labelled as India’s largest amusement park, Water Kingdom has water and land rides for adults and children. Some of the most popular ones include Black Demon, Wetlantic, Water Fall, Spinning Tray, Rotating Wheel, Aquadrome, Turbo Thriller and much more. 

Water Kingdom - a family of 4 playing in a pool at our water park in Mumbai
two yellow-coloured parrots sitting on a branch

Apart from rides, the park offers gift shops that sell clothes and souvenirs and various types of eateries where you can take a break. While visiting Water Kingdom, do not forget to drop by at Bird Park. As the name suggests, the park protects a variety of birds namely the African grey parrot, the blue and yellow macaw, the cockatiel, the golden-mantled rosella, the California quail and more! It is a certified paradise for bird lovers.

Elephanta Caves

A majestic UNESCO World Heritage Site, Elephanta Caves is the quintessential testament of rock-cut architectural grandeur. Located roughly 11 km outside Mumbai, the site is perched on Elephanta Island (the Island of Gharapuri). Tourists can take a small yet joyous ferry ride from Gateway of India and reach the enthralling landmark. As you reach, you are welcomed by a vintage collection of cave temples that are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The caves have beautiful carvings, proving the existence of the painted artworks which were done way back in the 5th century. Explorers who love a bit of trek can also walk to Elephanta Caves while witnessing the grand skyline of Mumbai. It is one of the perfect spots to visit with your family!

wall carvings on the walls of Elephanta Caves
Light entering through holes of a cave

Apart from Elephanta Caves, Mumbai is also known for Mahakali Caves and Kanheri Caves. Mahakali Caves is an ancient rock-cut monument which was built between the 1st century BC and 6th century AD. it is located amid quiet nature, which lets you embrace the peace and ethereal beauty of the cave. The walls of the caves are exquisitely adorned with paintings, believed to have been carved during the Ashoka Empire. Kanheri Caves, on the other hand, is located on the outskirts of Mumbai, perched on a hillside. It is a complex of 109 caves that can be explored via rock-cut steps. It is believed to have been a centre of meditation and learning for the Buddhists.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Are you someone who is an admirer of nature? Do you find peace in the chirping of birds? Then Karnala Bird Sanctuary is the right place to bring your family for a day’s outing! Established in the year 1968, it is the ideal getaway from the concrete jungle. It puts you in an ambience enriched with an assortment of exotic flora and fauna. Do not forget to carry your binoculars to spot some of the familiar migratory birds like the Malabar Lark, the Slaty Legged Crake, the Red-breasted Flycatcher, the Bluethroat and an impressive line of vibrant butterflies. The many towering trees keep the walk cool and pleasant. There are seats where tourists can sit and rest while absorbing the tranquillity of the space. So if you are planning to visit the sanctuary, make sure to block your calendars between the months of October and February as the winter season draws in more migratory winged creatures.

a sharp-beaked bird sitting on a branch
a bed of colourful flowers

Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden is considered to be one of the most popular picnic spots in Mumbai for family groups. Close to Malabar Hill, it is where people come for a breath of fresh air and to escape the hustle of the outside world. The garden features animal-shaped hedges, radiant beds of flowers and fountains that glow with lights as the sun sets. Tourists prefer coming to experience the poetic sunsets that paint the sky shades of orange. The terraced garden exposes you to the wondrous views of the horizon of the Arabian Sea, a sight that is too beautiful to miss! Do not forget to carry your cameras as this location will undoubtedly give you picture-perfect memories.

Apart from these iconic locations, you can also pack your bags and visit nearby locations like Lonavala and Karjat. If you wish to embrace yourself with the awe-inspiring views of Ulhas Valley and visit Kondeshwar Temple, then head out to Karjat. If you want to surround yourself with majestic mist-covered peaks, then visit Lonavala, an all-time favourite destination amongst orophiles!