Famous Food In Mumbai

Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures and with that it brings about an exhaustive list of cuisines and dishes that you can indulge in when in Mumbai. From melt in your mouth dishes to spicy extravaganza Mumbai local food will manage to carve a place for itself in your stomach and heart. 

Flavours Of Street Food In Mumbai 

Do not leave the city without eating the most famous food in Mumbai which is vada pav. A crispy potato patty stuffed between two fluffy buns with a generous serving of chutney and green chills. This street food is a fan favourite among the locals. Next, try the Bombay Sandwich, a buttered toast stuffed with vegetables, chutney and cheese. This will leave you licking your lips. Another dish that Mumbaikers love having for breakfast or lunch is the misal pav, a dish made with sprouts and vegetables in a gravy served with a steaming hot bun.

misal pav
fine dining

Famous Cafes and Fine Dining 

Several Irani cafes reside in Mumbai serving popular dishes like bun maska and Irani chai. Step into history at these Irani Cafes in the evening to fill up your stomach. Leopold Cafe is one of the popular Irani Cafes popular among the locals. If Fine Dining is what you are after Mumbai offers a multitude of options for every cuisine one can imagine. Fine dining establishments in Mumbai offer Indian and international cuisines with impeccable service accompanying dishes best described as gastronomical delights. Masala Library is a Michelin-star restaurant where you can try out innovative molecular gastronomy dishes along with a theatrical dining experience.

An Affair With Desserts 

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Kulfi and Falooda seated on Marine Drive or by the Juhu Beach. There is no better way than to end your food trail with a sweet treat by the Arabian Sea. Desserts by the Marine Drive are best enjoyed after sunsets as the city glimmers like a jewel at night. You can also try out cakes and pastries available in the city from dense cashew cakes to buttery croissants. You are bound to find something to your taste in this bustling city.  


Enjoy your food hunt after a thrilling day spent at Water Kingdom, Mumbai's oldest water park. Visit this park with your friends and family for thrilling rides or a day spent splashing about in the refreshing pools in the park. After a day well-spent at Water Kingdom, you are sure to be hungry but worry not for we have curated all the famous food in Mumbai in the list above.