Special Occasions at Water Kingdom

Looking for the perfect venue to host and celebrate your events? Wondering where you can find a team to help you organise? Well, look no further! Water Kingdom is the perfect destination for your special events! We are flexible enough to host a myriad of gatherings and events, be it social or corporate. Come along and have the best time of your life and revel in the success of your event, applauded by all your guests!

Water Kingdom is a suitable location for parties near Mumbai. Our facilities and amenities are designed to perfect your special occasions.

Come celebrate your birthday, anniversaries and other events close to your heart, and take away a bag of memories to last a lifetime!

For Bookings, get in touch with our representatives at customercare@esselworld.com

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4 people posing in front of the Bird Park logo with a topical background

EsselWorld Bird Park

At EsselWorld Bird Park, you can observe and interact with the most fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. We are a walk-in aviary spread over an acre, where we provide the perfect rainforest habitat for over 400 exotic birds from 50 different species.