Groups at Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom is a premier amusement park in Mumbai spread across 64 acres, featuring a plethora of thrilling water rides for all ages. Groups can enjoy a fun-filled day at this park that has something for everyone, from families to adults and kids. The park boasts 12 types of family rides, 7 adult rides and 6 kids rides, making it an ideal destination for groups with diverse interests.

At Water Kingdom, groups of 30 or more people can enjoy special discounts on admission tickets. These group discounts are a great way to save money and enjoy a day out with your entire group. The more people you bring, the bigger the discount you can receive. The group discount at Water Kingdom will help save money and is a great opportunity for corporate team building, school trips, college outings, family reunions, or even a fun day out with friends. The water park offers a range of rides and attractions that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it the perfect destination for a group getaway.

The water rides at Water Kingdom are some of the main attractions of this park. Families can enjoy Wetlantic, a massive wave pool spread across 100 m with blue waters and Busch gardens with fountains and natural scenic beauty. Another ride which is great for families is the Octagonal, featuring eight different slides with different levels of water currents and twists, which will leave you feeling energised and happy. Adults seeking a heart-pumping thrill can check out the Black Demon ride, which features long curvy tubes elevated at a height of 47 feet. For an unforgettable free fall experience, the Rushin Gushin is the ride to try. Meanwhile, kids can have a blast at Turbo Thriller, a location with several different water outlets that will drench them in water. Another kid-friendly water ride is the Multi-lane, a water slide with different lanes, each with unique water flow speeds and twists.

One of the unique features of Water Kingdom is its jungle theme, creating a fun and immersive atmosphere perfect for groups to explore together. The park is also covered with greenery, making it a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The weather of Mumbai only adds to the park's charm, and it's the perfect place to create memories that will last a lifetime.

In addition to the rides, Water Kingdom has several unique features that make it an amazing destination for groups. It is India's largest Aqua Play Pool and can host social and corporate events, making it an ideal location for team-building activities or a day out with friends. The park also has in-house food and beverage options, so groups can refuel and relax before heading back out to the rides. There are also in-house shops where visitors can purchase souvenirs to commemorate their day at the park. The park also hosts a special DJ performance in the summer, adding an extra layer of entertainment for visitors. Water Kingdom's decades-old nostalgia only adds to its charm, making it a destination that many people return to year after year. The location of Water Kingdom is also unique, as it is away from the city and offers a tranquil escape. Visitors can even take a ferry to reach the park, adding an extra element of adventure to their day out.

In other words, Water Kingdom is the ideal destination for a group getaway near Mumbai. With numerous water rides, a jungle theme and in-house food and beverage options, visitors can spend the day exploring and creating memories together. The park's location away from the city and covered with greenery only adds to its charm, making it the perfect escape for groups seeking an immersive and entertaining experience.

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