Orphanage Children at EsselWorld

EsselWorld believes in spreading smiles to enrich the human experience. 100 orphanage children from Ujjain, Mumbai & Lonavala visited EsselWorld on Saturday 7th Nov 2015. This activity was organized by Anam Prem organisation. All the kids enjoyed the ferry ride to EsselWorld with rides and sumptuous food specially arranged for them.

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Visit EsselWorld to revel in a once-in-a-lifetime experience dotted with merriment, joy and laughter-filled memories! We have rides ranging from the Hoola Hoop to the Shot-N-Drop and something for visitors of all age groups. Come experience these epic rides and more at EsselWorld!

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EsselWorld Bird Park

At EsselWorld Bird Park, you can observe and interact with the most fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. We are a walk-in aviary spread over an acre, where we provide the perfect rainforest habitat for over 400 exotic birds from 50 different species.