EsselWorld hosts Helpers of the Handicapped, Kolhapur (HOH)

EsselWorld retains a reputation of contributing back to the society through social development of underprivileged communities. To build a sustainable way of life for the weaker section of the society, EsselWorld recently hosted an all day picnic for 50 physically challenged people. The park entails to the belief of always going an extra mile to enrich lives of people by nurturing them with unforgettable experiences.

To fulfill the request of the Anam Prem Family on behalf of Helpers of the Handicapped, Kolhapur (HOH), EsselWorld organized a leisure experience at the park during HOH’s visit to Mumbai. The members of the NGO were more than happy to spend their day at the park. They visited EsselWorld on 18th February 2016, and had an exhilarating adventurous time.

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