Food & Beverage at our Theme Park in Mumbai

At Water Kingdom, you will not run out of options for refreshments. If you wish to stop for a bite or a slurp, we have you covered. Within the grounds of Water Kingdom, you will find a plethora of stalls and food stops to choose from. We have some of the most recognisable food brands who have set up shop just to satiate your taste buds. Some of these brands include Domino's and Kwality Wall's. Besides, there are also counters that serve food from different cuisines like kebabs, sweet corn, burgers and much more! If you are looking for a healthier option we also have a fruit stall that sells freshly cut food with the dressing of your choice. 

Water Kingdom -  the Eat 'n' Splash counter at our water park

Eat 'n' Splash

Water Kingdom - a man standing at bhutta stall at our water park

Bhutta Stand

Water Kingdom - the Chaat counter at our water park

Chaat Counter

Water Kingdom - the Food-Wharf food stall at our water park

Food Wharf

Water Kingdom - the Fruit shack stall at our water event

Fruit Shack

Water Kingdom - the Fun Ship stall at our water park

Fun Sip

Water Kingdom - Hang Out counter at our water park

Hang Out

Water Kingdom - the hunger thrill food stall at our water park

Hunger Thrill

Water Kingdom - 2 buffet counters at the Grazing Field area at our water park

Grazing Field

Water Kingdom - Kwality Walls stall at our water park

Kwality Wall's

Water Kingdom - Ooh Mumbai food stall at our water park

Ooh Mumbai

Water Kingdom - kabab corner food stall at our water park

Kabab Corner

Water Kingdom - SlideNsnacks counter at our water park

Slide 'n' Snacks

Water Kingdom - the Top Corn stall at our water park

Top Corn

Water Kingdom - the entrance to the wave pool at our water park

Wave Pool

Water Kingdom - the Taipan food stall


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