Water Rides at Water Kingdom

What A Coster

For those who live to test their limits, What-A-Coaster (adult slide) offers one of the tallest vertical drops in the country. Riders endure a heart-pumping seven-story drop that reaches speeds up to 40 miles per hour. The unique slide is centered on sleds in which the riders go down with a jolt and screams like a sky screamer.

Goofers Lagoon

Another recent & a major attraction in the park for toddlers. A multi-purpose water play system with interactive activities like water guns, spinning tray, tilting bucket with 400 liters of water, splash roof and an inverted umbrella. The new ride is all about pleasure, combined with a fun and childlike experience to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Adventures Amazonia

Rides like Elephant Safari, Rock ‘n’ Roll Safari and Serpent Safari, where the riders can slide down to a short tunnel and are thrown our into a large water pool.

The Lagoon

India’s Largest Aqua play pool – the Lagoon is now open at Water Kingdom. Spread across 30,000 sq.ft, The lagoon is a perfect family play port suitable for guests of all age group. Its 10 different (3 kiddie slides, 4 family slides, 3 adult/thrill slides) elements will definitely get you drenched with fun. And more with its 500 liters Elephant bucket that splashes water while tumbling down.


This place is rates as the maximum entertaining of ‘em all on the thrillmeter’, claiming it to be the exceptional and one its kind. The largest wave pool in the world is spread across 100 meters with cool blue water and busch gardens. Attractions geared like, fountains and scenic natural beauty with gently rolling waves in the shallows and constant lifeguard supervision, guests of all ages can hit the surf in safety. The location includes Jungle Beach, Love Boat, Bay Watch Tower and Cascade Caves.

Lazy River

After enjoying all the rides and slides at Water Kingdom, if you just want to chill and laze around then just head to Lazy River. Grab your tube, plunge into the river and just laze around in the slow streaming river. Spend some Lazy Lamhe out here! ;)