Conservation of Water at Water Kingdom & EsselWorld this Holi

24th March 2016, Mumbai: ‘EsselWorld and Water Kingdom’ Asia’s largest theme parks made Holi celebrations more special and eco friendly this year. The twin park went a step forward and dropped the rain dance altogether to conserve water considering the current scarcity in the state. But this did not stop the audience from having a gala time. Patrons were constantly kept amused by entertaining performances of DJ Ramji Gulati, followed by gripping dance performances by Teriya Magar (winner of Dance India Dance Li’l masters) and Shyam Yadav (Winner of Dance India Dance). This added further energetic spur to the lyrical and colourful atmosphere. The audience had an enthralling time by grooving on the latest numbers and enjoying rides beyond capacity. The event seemed to be the most ideal and entertaining way to celebrate Holi.

Mr. Shirish Deshpande, CEO of EsselWorld & Water Kingdom said, “the holi bash of 2016 was an amazing experience as people not only enjoyed Badi Holi but also supported our initiative of having an eco friendly holi and contributed to the cause of saving water.”

EsselWorld and Water Kingdom believe an eco-friendly Holi gives patrons full freedom to have boundless fun as well as enjoy the pleasure of protecting the nature. The main source of water in Water Kingdom is the internal Rain water harvesting plant. Since late 1980s, three open water bodies were specially designed to harvest rain water and recharge ground water which has proved to be very beneficial. The water in wave pool is recycled every 90 minutes. Water goes through a rigorous filtration process before going back to the pools. Water of children pools is recycled and filtered every 20 minutes. They strictly follow series of environmental practices such as Waste Water recycling, Sewage treatment, drip irrigation and Zero Garbage.

The Holi fiesta at Water Kingdom & EsselWorld will continue for all the four days of this blockbuster weekend.

About Pan India Paryatan Pvt. Ltd.

Pan India Paryatan Pvt. Ltd. is the holding company of EsselWorld and Water Kingdom - the largest amusement parks in India and a subsidiary of USD 6 billion Essel Group. Over the past two decades these parks have been the pioneers in leisure and entertainment, thereby successfully entertaining more than 22 million visitors. These twin parks offer an area of over 64 acres with more than 80 attractions across rides and slides. The Group’s mission is to redefine the traditional means of entertainment and above all meet the fast changing consumer needs for active entertainment.